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An oil dreamy painting with a girl in a cage flying over a landscape

Queen of night

An oil fantasy painting with an eagle and a snake in the desert

The eagle and the snake

An oil imaginative painting with a polar bear on the ice and a girl hugging him

Farewell my friend - the last polar bear

An imaginative fantasy artwork showing Zarathustra's down-going in the mountains with the sun setting

Zarathustra's down-going

An imaginative painting with two lovers flying on a book over a wide landscape with three hummingbirds

New horizons

A magic realism painting with a child on a sunflower field

When I was a child

A creepy surreal painting with a hallway

The yellow hallway dream

An imaginative fantasy painting with a huge golden dragon fighting with a small lion in the desert

The second metamorphosis

A surreal painting with sleepin lions and prisoners

The prisoners dream

A yellow painting with a goose flying over the sea

The migrating goose

An artwork with two lover on the hills

Hills of Tuscany

An imaginative artwork showing two man stepping on a lion face in a magic forest

The lion dream

An artwork with white doves flying over the green hills

The doves

A mistycal artwork showing three undefined figures in the desert

The mysterious figures of the desert

A surreal painting with a caravan in the desert

The caravan in the desert

A purple surreal artwork with a praying man, a tree and a sunset

The Prayer

A dreamy blue painting with a crying heron

Her tears created the sea